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First Day.

Posted: June 17, 2013 in My thoughts
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“Sometimes, it’s the scariest things in life that are the most worthwhile.”





These were just some of the negative thoughts that a teenager feels once he/she step out of his/her own shell. Exposure to many people may scare the hell out of you. Interaction with strangers may get you tongue tied. A whole new environment may be a lot to take in. But all these were worth once you enjoy what your doing. Focus on the positive side and never on the negative one. Build up your confidence and indulge yourself with a lot of activities. Don’t take everything seriously. Enjoy what the day offers to you. College were never meant to be taken seriously for the rest of the semester. Live more and have fun. College were supposed to be fun with just more serious stuff and a little drama, but still, never let one mistake ruin your day. Laugh it off! And learn by that.

College. College. My first day as a 3rd year Accountancy student. Spent with my lovable and fun friends were much thrilling. Had laugh and laugh until my stomach and jaw ache. For every smile and laugh we made it lessen our stress and tension in the body. So, everybody relax. And have fun. ♥

Note: I love my friends and they will always be a treasured blessing here in the bottom of my heart. No matter what the life may throw to us, having them took a little drama. So, find friends who you’ll treasure the most. Friends who’ll never leave your back and will always stand with you no matter what. Friends who makes you smile and laugh when your at your lowest. Friends who are ready to offer his/her shoulder when you can’t take it no more. Friends who love you whoever you are! 🙂 Thank God for giving them to me. :*

Goodnight bitches! I’m so damn tired. First day and all got me so worked up. So, I needed my sleep. Thankfully, there’s no class tomorrow. Night! x Love, love, love!

J ♥